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Tasks performed by Health Insurance Society

Health Insurance Society perform two tasks-the "provision of insurance benefits" and the "execution of health activities."

Provision of insurance benefits (centering on medical care benefits)

Reference>>   「What are insurance benefits?

Health Insurance Society bear medical care costs and supply various cash benefits in cases in which insured persons or their dependents become sick or injured, give birth to a child, or die.
There are two types of insurance benefits-statutory benefits stipulated by law and additional benefits designed by our Health Insurance Societies.

Execution of health activities (designed for health promotion)

Reference>>   "Health activities"

Health activities are designed to help insured persons and their dependents maintain and improve their health.
Health Insurance Society are undertaking activities to give health-maintenance guidance, prevent illnesses, promote athletic activities, and manage health and recreation facilities.

In addition, health insurers will be required to provide health checkups (special health checkups) and health-maintenance guidance (special health-maintenance guidance) for insured persons and dependents aged 40 and above but younger than 75, with a focus on preventing and eliminating metabolic syndrome.
See here for detailed information on special health checkups and special health-maintenance guidance >> "What Are Special Checkups and Special Health-Maintenance Guidance?"

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