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Funeral expenses are provided Benefits in cash

Health Insurance Societies provide bereaved family members with Dependents' Funeral Expenses when insured persons who support them have died. Health insurance administrators will also supply insured persons with Dependents' Funeral Expenses.
Those who actually bear the cost of funeral services will receive Funeral Expenses (up to the prescribed limits) in the event there is no person eligible for Funeral Expenses.

Procedure @

Fill in the necessary details in the form below, attach a document certifying that a death has occurred (Death Certificate or Burial (Cremation) Permit) and submit it to the Health Insurance Society.



"Claim for Funeral Expenses"


Document certifying that a death has occurred
(Copy of Death Certificate, Burial Permit, or Cremation Permit)

3. Other documents as required

*When requesting payment of Funeral Expenses, please attach a receipt showing the Funeral Expenses in addition to a Death Certificate.

In the case of our health insurance society

Our Health Insurance Society provides a benefit of our own (additional benefit) on top of the Funeral Expenses/ Dependents' Funeral Expenses.

Amount paid by our health insurance society
Death of an insured person
50,000 yen (Funeral expenses 50,000 yen + additional funeral expenses benefit "equivalent to standard monthly remuneration amount")

*In the case of Funeral Expenses, the actual cost is paid within the limits of allowable funeral expenses

Death of a dependent family member
150,000 yen (Dependents' Funeral Expenses 50,000 yen + Dependents'
Additional Funeral Expenses 100,000 yen)

Who are the "bereaved family members supported by the insured persons?"

This category is not limited to dependents. All persons whose living depended partly on the deceased insured person's income at the point of his or her death are entitled to Funeral Expenses. They are not required to belong to the same household, nor are they required to be related to the deceased by blood or marriage.

What is the scope of the costs of funeral in the event there is no person eligible for Funeral Expenses?

Such costs include funeral expenses, a disbursement to hire a hearse, and expenses for offerings and payment to Buddhist monks.

Restrictions on benefits due to cause of death

The cause of death does not matter unless the death took place during work or while commuting to work.

Cases of stillbirth

You cannot receive Dependents' Funeral Expenses in cases of stillbirth, as dependency does not apply. You can receive Dependents' Funeral Expenses in the event of the death of a child several hours after birth.

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