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Cases of dental treatment Benefits in kind

Insured persons and dependents pay only 30 percent of medical care costs for dental treatment.
However, insurance coverage is limited to dental treatment using methods and materials recognized by the health insurance. Insured persons and dependents must cover the entire cost of dental treatment in the event they are requesting orthodontics for correction of uneven teeth or other types of treatment not recognized by the health insurance, or in the event unauthorized materials (such as gold exceeding 14 carats) are used.
In cases such as installation of a full set of dentures affixed to a metal base, health insurance covers a portion of their disbursement for dental treatment, and insured persons and dependents pay the balance.
Please consult with your dentist prior to treatment to prevent any confusion. If you wish to receive only those types of dental treatment that fall within the scope of insurance coverage, you must explicitly indicate this to your dentist.

Maintenance and management expenses for crown and bridge

Dentists may require maintenance and management expenses for crown and bridge (in addition to treatment expenses) in the event insured persons or their dependents have acquired restoration of a tooth using a metal crown except for inlay, resin crowns for front teeth, jacket crowns, and bridges through dental treatment covered by health insurance. Examination expenses, manufacturing expenses, and installation expenses are fully covered by health insurance in the event dental supports must be replaced within two years (charges for the initial medical examination, expenses for other types of dental treatment, treatment for children under six years old, and visiting examination are excluded.).

When insured persons are not required maintenance and management expenses for dental supports, health insurance will cover 30 percent of normal inspection, manufacturing, and installation expenses for replacements necessary within two years.


Can health insurance cover the cost of dental treatment in full?


Health insurance covers all required dental treatment. The commonly held idea that health insurance does not sufficiently cover dental treatment is not based on fact. Metals used in dental treatment range from relatively inexpensive ones (such as palladium alloy) to extremely costly ones (such as gold and platinum). Health insurance covers the cost of all materials that are indispensable for dental treatment. Health insurance allows you to receive adequate dental treatment with little outlay.


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Cases of dental treatment
  Cases of dental treatment

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