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Atami directly operated lodge (Atami Hot Spring Uguisunoyu)
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* The view from the lodge


By train


10 min. walk from Kinomiya Station on JR Ito Line (the route between the station and the facility includes steep slopes.)


Get off at Atami Station on JR Tokaido/Shinkansen Line.
Take the Motohakone-Jukkokutoge bus bound for Nishiyama and get off at the Kinomiyajinjamae stop, which is near the facility.

By car

熱海 交通のご案内





6-26 Nishiyamacho, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture


Tel.: 0557-81-2518
Fax: 0557-85-0616


Check in: 3:00 pm
Check out: 10:00 am

Meals served

Breakfast: 8:00-9:00 am
Dinner: 6:00-8:00 pm

6:00-9:00 pm [Fridays (not including holidays), days before holidays (not including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)]

Dining information (dinner, meal options, and children’s meals) is available on the Web reservation system.

Bathing hours

3:00 pm - 9:00 am


Uguisunoyu hot springs benefits (bathing)
Chronic joint rheumatism, chronic muscular rheumatism, neuralgia (in particular, sciatica, neuritis, and nerve paralysis), childhood weakness, gouty conditions, anemia (in particular, chlorosis), chronic gynecological conditions, burns, chronic skin conditions


Go, shogi, mahjong, meeting room (for 20 persons), two karaoke booths (large and small)


84 guests (25 rooms)

Room types
Japanese-style room (8 guests)
Japanese-style room (4 guests)
Western-style room (2 guests)

Front door closes

10:00 pm

For tourists: information on areas near the lodge

Atami City Tourism Association

Rates (rate categories for days of use)


Category A

Category B

Child rate

Those insured with the Health Insurance Society and dependents

Insured persons and dependents of other securities industry health insurance societies
Others (relatives, friends)

4 years -
elementary school

3 years or younger
(with meals)

3 years or younger (no meals)

Days before holidays
(one night with dinner and breakfast)*

5,000 yen

7,000 yen

3,500 yen

3,500 yen


(one night with dinner and breakfast)

4,700 yen

6,700 yen

Rates for family members not certified as health insurance dependents are handled as follows:
  1.Category A rates apply for spouses and children of insured persons.
  2.Category B rates apply for family members other than those under 1 above.
A surcharge of 1,000 yen per person per night applies during the special year-end/New Year’s period.
These rates include consumption tax and bathing tax. (Pay at the facility for beverages and other purchases.)
In principle, guests may stay for up to two nights per stay. (Accommodations are available for up to five nights per stay during off-peak periods. Check with the Health Facilities Department for more information.)


The rates for days before holidays apply on the following days:

Holidays on Friday
Sundays or holidays of which the following day is a holiday or a substitute holiday
Days during special periods such as summer, year-end/New Year’s period, and consecutive holidays from late April through early May

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