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When you are unable to walk and require transport for hospitalization Benefits in cash

The full cost of using a motor vehicle, etc. is covered in the event a doctor confirms that a sickness or injury renders it extremely difficult for the patient to walk and that transport is required for hospitalization or transportation from one hospital to another. This is called "Transportation Expenses."


In order to receive payment to cover transportation expenses, you must gain the approval of the Health Insurance Society in advance (or afterwards, if unavoidable circumstances preclude this). To gain approval, fill in the necessary details in the "Application for Approval of Transportation/ Notification of Transportation," have it certified by a doctor, and submit it to the Health Insurance Society.
If you have paid transportation expenses, make sure you get a receipt, and submit it to the Health Insurance Society together with the "Application for Transportation Expenses."

Procedural Documents:

[Health Insurance Society approval]


"Application for Approval of Transportation/ Notification of Transportation"

[Request for payment of transport expenses]


"Application for Transportation Expenses"



Amount paid

Health Insurance Societies set the standard amount of this benefit based on the most economical and normal travel route and means of transportation. In the case the actually incurred expenses were less than the standard amount, they supply only the actual expenses. Insured persons and dependents can recover all such transportation expenses as "Transportation Expenses" and "Dependents' Transportation Expenses," respectively, as long as these expenditures fall below the prescribed limits.

Conditions for payment of Transportation Expenses

Health Insurance Societies will pay Transportation Expenses in the event that all of the following conditions apply.



Medical care that requires transportation qualifies for payment of insurance benefits



The person in question has trouble moving due to sickness or injury requiring medical care



Emergency or other circumstances make transportation inevitable

Expenses covered by the transportation allowance

Health insurance benefits are available for the following transportation expenses:



Transportation charge for automobile and train, as applicable



Traveling expenses for one person in principle, when doctors and nurses' presence is required during transport

It is supplied as medical care expenses if patients have paid the cost required for medical care administered by the attendant doctors and nurses. Transportation Expenses are supplied for transportation of patients who are unable to walk or who have trouble walking. Transit system fares spent for visits to hospitals and expenses for delivering bedclothes and other personal effects required during hospitalization do not qualify as Transportation Expenses.


I used taxis to go to the hospital every day. Can I receive reimbursement for these costs as Transportation Expenses?


You can receive Transportation Expenses only when Health Insurance Society determines that sickness or injury troubled you from getting to a hospital or a clinic and that such transportation need was urgent and therefore unavoidable. You may not receive Transportation Expenses for costs associated with ordinary transportation to a medical facility for treatment.
Taxi fares you paid to travel to a hospital every day thus do not qualify as Transportation Expenses.


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