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Health examinations at contracted medical care institutions
1. Eligible persons
  (1) Health examinations

Those insured with the Health Insurance Society
Eligible persons may undergo health examinations provided as part of the Society’s health activities no more than once during the same fiscal year.
Those who plan to undergo or have already undergone the health examinations under @-B below are not eligible. Those who undergo more than one health examination will be billed for the entire cost of all subsequent examinations.

@ Examinations at the examination center on the second floor of Kenpokaikan
A Examinations at other medical care institutions
B Complete medical checkups

(2) Upper digestive tract (stomach) examination

Insured persons aged 35 and older
However, since upper digestive tract (stomach) examinations are provided only once during the fiscal year, the following persons are not eligible.


Those who have undergone or plan to undergo a stomach examination at another medical care institution during the same fiscal year


Those who have undergone or plan to undergo a complete medical checkup during the same fiscal year

(3) Gynecological examinations

Female insured persons aged 20 and older (only once during a single fiscal year)

2. Examination period

April 1 through March 31 of the following year

3. Contracted medical care institutions

See the list of contracted medical care institutions.
You can use medical care institutions for which a double circle or a single circle and “(payment of difference in amounts accepted)” is indicated in the “Health examinations,” “Upper digestive tract (stomach) examination,” or “Gynecological examinations” column of the above list.

4. Examination items
  (1) Health examinations

The examination items for each course conform to the list of examination items.
Ages for health examination purposes refer to ages reached during the fiscal year.

Examination A:

Recommended ages: 34 and under (excluding 30)

Examination B:

Recommended ages: 30, 35 and over
(Note that those who are 35 and older and who are 40 and older may not change the specified examination items.)

Examination S:

Specified milestone ages: 40, 43, 45, 48, and 50 and at the same intervals after 50


Those who are at the recommended ages for Examination A and at the specified milestone ages for Examination S may choose to undergo Examination B.


Colorectal cancer screening
Those aged 35 and older must bring the sample container for colorectal cancer screening (fecal occult blood test) on the day of the health examination. If you fail to submit your sample, your colorectal cancer screening for the fiscal year will be incomplete.
In addition, note that you cannot switch to screening by mail.

(2) Upper digestive tract (stomach) examination

X-ray (using barium) or endoscopy (gastric camera)

(3) Gynecological examinations

Breast cancer screening (multiple tests, such as palpation, ultrasound, and mammography, are available) and cervical cancer screening (multiple tests, such as internal examination, cervical cytology, and ultrasound, are available) (not including tumor marker testing for either of these screenings)

5. Costs

Contracted medical care institutions will bill the Health Insurance Society for the costs of examinations for each month examinations were provided. Based on these bills, the Health Insurance Society will bill each establishment for the following examination course costs.


Examination A: 2,000 yen
Examination B: 4,000 yen
Examination S: 5,000 yen


(Upper digestive tract [stomach] examination: 2,000 yen, payable by the examinee but billed to the establishment)


Reexaminations and detailed examinations:


In principle, reexaminations at contracted medical care institutions are free of charge. (However, reexaminations and detailed examinations for colorectal cancer screening and gynecological examinations are treated as insured medical consultations and treatment.)

Gynecological examinations:


Pay at the medical care institution on the day of the examination the portion of costs beyond the subsidy amount of 7,000 yen (the Health Insurance Society will not bill the establishment for these costs).
Note that if you got breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings at a medical care institution which does not offer the option of paying only the difference from the subsidy amount or if you got these screenings at different medical institutions, pay the full amount of the costs up front, then apply for the subsidy.
Apply at once if you got the screenings at multiple medical care institutions.

6. How to apply for and get an examination


The entire establishment (branch or office) applies directly to the preferred contracted medical care institution.



When applying, provide information such as the examinees’ health insurance card codes and numbers, names, gender, examination courses, and dates of birth.


The applying establishment and contracted medical care institution make scheduling and other arrangements. The examinees can get the examination after consenting to and signing the Health Insurance Society’s document Handling of Personal Information and submitting to the medical care institution. (Consent to Handling of Personal Information is required to undergo an examination.)


The contracted medical care institution will send personal results reports and an establishment results report to the establishment directly.

7. Voluntarily and Continuously Insured Persons

Voluntarily and Continuously Insured Persons should read the Health Checkup Information pamphlet.

8. Dependents aged 18 and older

Refer to Health Checkup Information.
* Plans call for distributing this pamphlet to the homes of insured persons with eligible dependents around April of each year.

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