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Follow-up after health examinations at the Kenpokaikan examination center
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Following assessments by specialist physicians, health examination results will be provided via employers. Those instructed to undergo reexaminations, detailed examinations, or follow-up examinations will be notified by postcard.
Comments will be provided if you need to improve your lifestyle and related habits. We encourage you to consider these comments in managing your own health.
Specific health guidance following specific health checkup will also be provided.

Call to speak with a public health nurse if you have any questions or concerns:
Tel. 03-3666-8712

Reexaminations, detailed examinations, follow-up examinations, and specific health guidance after health examinations at the Kenpokaikan examination center are provided free of charge. (However, reexaminations, detailed examinations, and similar examinations for hearing, vision, funduscopy, colorectal cancer screening, and PSA testing are treated as insured medical consultations and treatment.)

Optionally provided after health examinations
Briefings on health examination results

Eligible: examinees undergoing Examination B, Examination S, family health examinations, reexaminations, and follow-up examinations
These are intended to help maintain and improve health through explaining examination results and reviewing lifestyle and related habits.
Specific health guidance is also provided.

Information provided after health examinations

Information on reexaminations will be provided to those for whom the physician reviewing examination results has determined that reexaminations are necessary to determine whether any changes in results simply reflect normal variation.

Detailed examinations

Information on detailed examinations will be provided to those in whom abnormalities have been identified by chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, abdominal ultrasound exam, blood tests, or other examination. Depending on the results, a referral to a medical care institution may also be provided.

Follow-up examinations

Information on follow-up examinations to track changes in figures and findings over time will be provided to those for whom the physician reviewing examination results has determined that such follow-up is necessary.

Telephone communication

Urgent response

If there is an urgent need for a detailed examination or examination by a medical care institution, such information will be provided by telephone.

Health consultation

Public health nurses are available to answer questions about examination results and for health consultation.
Mental and physical health consultation services are available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. (Mental health counseling is also available.)
Click here for more information  >> Mental and physical health consultation

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